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On this page, you can check out profiles for all characters in the trailer park!

TPoA authors, to determine the alignment of your character, use the D&D Online Alignment Test.

Author Characters

Name: supercomputer276
Age: 17
Species: kitsune
Gender: male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Abilities: powers of G. O. Wand, flight, super speed, kitsunetsuki
Weaknesses: afraid of death; egotistical and bigheaded; claims to be insane, illogical, and irrational
Likes: conquering the world, video games (especially WarioWare), Yu-Gi-Oh!, singing and music, computers, comedy, cute girls
Dislikes: Legend of Zelda (not his type of game), failing to conquer the world, n00bs, bad jokes, melodrama, antialiasing, fighting, being out of control of a situation
Bio: The leader and founder of the evil Game Over organization, sc276 is definately not as rotten to the core as he might lead you to believe. In fact, if you aren't a sworn enemy of his, he can be pretty nice. While he may or may not be insane, illogical, and irrational, his quote on the matter is, "If you've seen the things I've seen and reacted to them the way I reacted, you'd think you were crazy too." As the owner and head of the trailer park, sc276 tries to maintain order in the only green part of desert for over twenty-five miles around. He fails routinely, but he always tries his best. He harbors a crush for the proper and fair Elizabeth F. Rabbit and also for the equally fair (and inversely proper, with all due respect) Shard Asha.
Quote: "Part of my self-imposed job description is that I can do the impossible, and by Banjo, I swear that's just what the hell I'm gonna do!"

Name: RyanMC
Age: 26
Species: Unknown, though he appears to be a chao and he rarely corrects anyone who makes the assumption
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Abilities: Though he displays no special abilities, he has access to an arsenal of mechanical gadgets which he can yank out of nowhere in response to any circumstance, regardless how ludicrous.
Weaknesses: Despite always seeing the "bigger picture" it's the little flaws he overlooks in any of his schemes.  He is also quite childish, even though he tries to appear wise and in control.  Generally, he tends to be easy going but he is so stubborn that when he sets his mind to something, it would be easier to change the rotation of the planet than it would be to change his mind.
Likes: Sprite comics, video games, the misery of others, or pretty much anything that entertains him.
Dislikes: When things don't go his way or pretty much any minor inconvenience.   He also hates whining, especially if he's the one doing it, but he hates whatever caused him to start whining even more.
Bio: If he had just a little more ambition, he'd have conquered the world along time ago.  Too bad he can't figure out if he'd have done it just for personal glory, or to actually try to help the human race reach it's full potential.  Either way, no one would enjoy living under his rule.  He is not a fan of tradition, always questioning even the simplest everyday ritual that most people don't even consider. He lives life by his own rules, but is smart enough to "go with the flow" when required, though only if he chooses to make the sacrifice.  Despite being cold, methodical, ruthless, and cruel, he's actually quite a nice person to anyone on his good side.   It's not even that hard to get on his good side, pretty much anyone he meets starts out there, but they have to survive his cruel sense of humor to stay there.  It's still better than being on his bad side though.  Those who are don't find out until it's too late.
Quote: "People are like plants, set them on fire and they die."

Name: Despereaux Wells
Alias: Purple Fox, Des, Dessy, Desperate
Age: Unknown
Species: Psychic Fox
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Abilities: Psychic powers (a whole bunch), levitation, telekinesis, and he's actually an extremely good cook.
Weaknesses: Practically everything, especially helmets, the fact he does not like to fight, and Viola.
Likes: Being alone, cold areas, helping others out, peacefulness, occasionally being with others, nature, and cooking, which he seldom does.
Dislikes: Obviously, its being offended/frightened and etc. It occurs a lot, sadly. He also dislikes helmets of every kind.
Bio: Despereaux is a quiet, easily frightened fox with an overwhelming psychic power, yet he dislikes to fight. He has been brought back to life twice, and thus, stopped aging; even he doesn't know how old he is anymore. He tries not to be a bother to others and usually gets along with most people, however, his personality is something to get him teased or frightened, as he is afraid of many things and seems a bit girly. He is very secretive about his past, as such, not much is known about him. He hardly ever tells either.
Quote: “I-I'm so sorry! ;___;”

Name: Dragonman (Drake Wyvern and Model D)
Alias: The "Green Dragon"
Age: 16
Species: Human (Armor is Mechaniloid)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Abilities: Multiple weapons, hover shoes, hover wings, lots of other tech
Weaknesses: Intense electrical surges, nukes
Likes: Video games, free time, music, machines
Dislikes: Getting owned, idiots, nukes, hackers, work
Bio: Dragonman is your average, weapons of mass destruction wielding robot. However, despite the fact he has all those weapons, he rarely ever uses them and instead prefers using them to pull pranks or to chase down anyone who ticks him off. Normally he’s laid back and nice, but when he gets ticked, he can unleash heck. However, under the armor he’s actually just a human with a biometal with a nice personality, and loves to tinker with machines. He rarely leaves his armor form unless in private though.
Though not exactly him, his biometal (Model D) is sentient to his actions and has a much more serious tone. Believing that his power should be used a more appropriate way instead of being wasted for simple boredom, useless tasks and so on. He cannot speak to others without using a hologram generator to project his image and voice.
Quote: “When words don’t solve something, then weapons always will!”

Non-Author Characters

Name: Elizabeth Frankenstein Rabbit
Age: 15
Species: rabbit
Gender: female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Abilities: very charming, sensible
Weaknesses: not a fighter; sometimes hard to understand; naive
Likes: manners; Shakesphere; Mary Shelley
Dislikes: vulgerness; being dirty; evil people
Bio: Elizabeth is a proper and fair young lady brought up in a Victorian world by wealthy parents. She certainly never expected to be stranded in a trailer park filled with some of the craziest people on the planet. Named after the girlfriend-come-wife of Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelly's book, Elizabeth is kind, caring, and believes in the good of others. She tries to greet everyone she can with courtesy, although whether or not she leaves a good impression with her mix of old and modern English is still up in the air.
Quote: "Sir Supercomputer, are you at all well?"

Name: The Tails Doll
Age: unknown
Species: robotic fox plushie
Gender: none (generally associated as male)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Abilities: laser beam, super speed, body possesion
Weaknesses: one-track mind, soulless, images of Sonic
Likes: killing people, making new slaves
Dislikes: Sonic, being outsmarted
Bio: sc276 released the Tails Doll from a copy of Sonic R using the Shadow Power of the Millennium Ring, which he obtained some time before he started the park. The pink kitsune did it for the Deadwood Hunt, yet less then an hour after releasing the Doll, he learned there was no one left for the Doll to hunt. TD, as often abbvriviated, doesn't say too much (he communicates through telepathy), but has a short fuse; just bumping into him will result in severe injury and at least two weeks in the hospital. He has been known to stare at passersby for uncomfortable periods of time with those empty eyes of his. Everyone is tense in his presence except sc276; for everyone else doesn't know just how close he is to want to start spreading his infamous curse...
Quote: "Can you feel the sunshine...?"

Name: Jessica Wollstonecraft Rabbit
Age: 23
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Abilities: Strong Willed, Athletic, Skilled martial artist, Mad Scientist-grade Intelligence
Weaknesses: Self involved, Rude, Often bites off more than she can chew, Talks ALOT.
Likes: Wild parties, anything mechanical, talking
Dislikes: Hard work, Rude people (She is unaware of her own flaw), people who tell her to shut up.
Bio: Just like her sister, Jessica was brought up to be fair and proper by her wealthy parents.  However, that all changed when she went off to college and was exposed to a new world.  Despite often skipping classes and never studying, her marks are among the highest in all her subjects, with the exception of her social studies course.  For that reason she has moved into the trailer park in order to do a case study of it's residents as part of an extra credit assignment.  That, and because she was kicked out of her apartment after complaints form her neighbors.
Quote:  "So like what's with the positronic relay design?   I mean like HELLO, could this thing be any more redundant?"

Name: The SC Doll
Alias: Compy-kun Doll
Age: unknown
Species: robotic fox plushie
Gender: none (generally associated as male)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Abilities: G. O. Wand energies; realistic holographic shape-shifting, knows every Disney song by heart
Weaknesses: afraid of death and deactivation; egotistical and bigheaded; claims to be insane, illogical, and irrational
Likes: helping SC conquer the world, video games (especially WarioWare), Yu-Gi-Oh!, singing and music, computers, comedy, cute female-based robots
Dislikes: Legend of Zelda (not his type of game), failing to help SC conquer the world, n00bs, bad jokes, melodrama, antialiasing, fighting, SC being out of control of a situation
Bio: Designed in his boss's shape, the SC Doll is a special member of the Game Over. Programmed to match his organic counterpart in every way, SC Doll is bigheaded and villianous, but not as much as he lets on, and he's also just as apparently looney. Although it's not official, he has been credited as the second-in-command of the trailer park and is left in charge when SC is away... although it makes everyone nervous as no one, not even his boss, knows how much of the Tails Doll's programming runs in his circuits. While he does enjoy the presence of the Elizabeth and Shard Dolls, he doesn't like being smothered in their affection for him and likes to have some breathing room, even though he technically doesn't breathe.
Quote: "Kat, do you still have that crow bar?"

Name: The Elizabeth Doll
Alias: Lizzie Doll
Species: robotic rabbit plushie
Gender: none (generally associated as female)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Abilities: very charming, sensible
Weaknesses: not a fighter; sometimes hard to understand; naive
Likes: manners; Shakesphere; Mary Shelley
Dislikes: vulgerness; being dirty; evil people
Bio: The robotic equivilent of Elizabeth, SC created her as a gift for the polite young rabbit. Not much is known about the Elizabeth Doll at this point, but it can be agreed that she has all the same traits and qualities as her organic counterpart. She usually hangs around with Elizabeth or the SC Doll; the latter enjoys her company a little.
Quote: none, she hasn't talked yet

Name: Mettaurs
Aliases: #000-#404, Met Squad D
Ages: Unknown
Species: Mechaniloids
Genders: Probably male (Robots are genderless, duh.)
Alignments: Variable
Abilities: Energy shots, protection under helmets, digging and mining
Weaknesses: Being tipped onto their helmets, small size
Likes: Digging, free time, praise, shiny things, E-tanks
Dislikes: Punishment, dirty helmets, hard jobs
Bio: These mettaurs were models custom made by Dragonman, mostly for the labor he doesn’t feel like doing. As there are so many of them, they usually live underground, where all four hundred and four of them can fit. Each one has a similar personality, but some are a bit more freelance from the group. Though they seem to be loyal, they usually aren’t depending on how they are treated by DM. However, all of them are unable to speak spare for the word ‘met’.
Quote: “Met!”

More profiles to come!